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Tri-Med Distributors was established by Professor Barry Marshall, Nobel Laureate and Mr. Rodney Blechynden and is managed by Mr. Mark Jones.


Prof Barry Marshall A.O.

Nobel Laureate


Mr Rod Blechynden

Managing Director



Mr Mark Jones

General Manager

Australian Scientist Professor Marshall and Professor Robin Warren were awarded the Nobel Prize for their work with Helicobacter pylori in 2005. (See Wikipedia)

Because little was known about the bacteria Helicobacter pylori. Tri-Meds role is to educate about Helicobacter pylori. The lack of knowledge about this bacteria and its health impact on populations led Professor Marshall to invent the internationally marketed medical tests to detect it and salvage treatment regimes where first line treatments had failed to eradicate it.

Can Helicobacter pylori be easily detected?

The tests Professor Marshall invented were a Urea Breath Test called the PYtest which is a non-invasive test and a Biopsy test called the CLOtest.


Treatments for Helicobacter pylori

Along with the development of the diagnostic tests for Helicobacter pylori Professor Marshall researched many “old style” anti-biotics in combinations such as (Bismuth, Tetracycline, Furazolidione, with Amoxicillin but no longer readily available, however they were useful in salvage therapy where first line treatments had failed due to drug resistance, or in some cases where patients allergic to penicillin resistant, causing patient despair. He also studied some more modern gastro medication’s such as Rifabutin, Levofloxacin and Nitazoxanide. He had the vision to help this small group of patients.

From this research he developed treatment regimens for resistant Helicobacter pylori infections some of which are not easily accessible , but Tri-Med can help Medical Practitioners prescribe them and obtain approvals from the Australian Health agency who regulates this area.

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Professor Marshall actively promotes information about Helicobacter pylori being a speaker on it in many international symposiums and is involved with health authorities to develop its eradication in whole countries.

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